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  • League play is for beginner, intermediate and advanced players

  • Play is small-sided, which means games of 4v4, 5v5, 7v7.  Why?  Small-sided = fewer players AND smaller fields = more touches on the ball = faster improvement = more FUN!

  • Leagues run seasonally and practice attendance is HIGHLY encouraged to promote growth

  • Players register at a specific training site where their team trains 1x per week

  • Games are played over the weekend versus other Orange County Renegade Lax League teams


  • One-day clinics are positionally focused and stick work clinics develop fundamentals

  • Unpack different elements of the game like: shooting, draw controls, defense, offensive movement and transition

  • One-day developmental clinics are offered throughout the year 

  • Stick work clinics run for 4-6 week sessions and limited to 20 players


  • Focuses on targeted areas of improvement

  • Intimate group size (private 1:1 or small group with Coach Holly)

  • Maximize player touches on the ball

  • Train with a core group of teammates

  • Receive ongoing feedback

  • Develop toughness and tenacity

  • Contact to inquire about private training


  • Camps offer a competitive opportunity for players to strengthen their offensive and defensive conceptual understanding

  • Camps focus on areas of weakness...players MUST become comfortable with the uncomfortable!

  • A tremendous amount of learning and practice take place for multiple hours a day

  • Camps are open for registration seasonally and space is limited

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