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"Thank you very much for all of the thoughtfulness you are showing with all the girls. You have been very supportive of our daughters and for that we are very grateful.  You are a terrific role model for them in many ways. I know that your competitive fierceness will have a lasting positive impact on them.  Your thoughtful approach really means a lot to us.  So in short, thank you for working so hard and pouring your heart and soul into teaching the girls to be their best!"

"I would really like to thank you so much for your time, knowledge, and inspiration, for not only my girls but for all the girls as they experiment and begin their lacrosse journey!  My daughter and her friends are definitely enjoying it so far and looking forward to the high school chapter. It's so fun to watch them all learning the sport together. They are such a sweet group of girls.  I am equally thankful for you the opportunity you have given our older daughter to coach. She is enjoying helping coach the girls and I am especially thankful for the extra ball time it is giving her as well as building her confidence with her developing lacrosse skills."

"Beginner box training was AMAZING. She absolutely loved it and last night before she went to bed she said, "I wish I had lacrosse tomorrow." I really appreciate the way you have handled this and I am excited to see my daughter progress in this sport. We are both learning something new. Thank you again!"


"She (Coach Holly) was an All American at Shawnee High School, the best to ever come through, and is currently playing professionally. She is absolutely AMAZING. The girls and I learned so much for the short time we were with her.  I received such positive feedback from players and parents. She is truly one of the bests and so knowledgeable! The girls and I compared her to the Michael Jordan of women's lacrosse."

"Holly, I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for all the superior leadership and coaching you have provided.  In my personal experience of playing collegiate athletics as well as significant time coaching, I was very impressed with your style and approach to coaching and shaping the girls under your direction.  I know my daughter has enjoyed the lacrosse program very much, and believe the foundation you helped establish will set the stage for long term success."

"Holly, wow!  I speak for our entire family when I say we are saddened to see you go, but so very thankful for what you have done for us these past few years. In particular the guidance, support and opportunities you've given us with respect to our daughter has been wonderful."

"The clinic was fantastic. Holly had a great program and is an excellent teacher. I was able to begin teaching a few of the items learned to our team at the game that night and will introduce more at our practice this week."

"Holly was always giving up her time to make sure that each child gets the attention that they need. She is someone that the players request to have coach them and that, in itself, is a compliment to any coach would like to receive. I can attest to the difficulty of getting over 30 players from different schools and different backgrounds to come together an play as a team and Holly manages this task with ease. She was able to create an atmosphere that was fun and energetic. She also was able to get the athletes to take risks and get outside of their comfort zone; something notoriously difficult for teenage girls."

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” 
William Arthur Ward
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