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Renegade Lacrosse provides year-round training opportunities for beginner, intermediate and advanced players in Southern California. Renegade Lacrosse League (spring, fall) includes weekly practices and games to develop fundamental skills and offensive and defensive strategy - a great introduction for players new to the game.  Additional stick skills, pick-up, and camp training opportunities are offered throughout the year.

We recognize that at one time every one of us was new to lacrosse.  We welcome beginner players and work to create an environment where players feel comfortable meeting new teammates, learning, and becoming Touch, Tenacious, and Thirsty!


Renegade Lacrosse brings out the tough.  Training will challenge players to push their comfort zones.  Tough means you talk the talk and walk the walk.  Renegade Lacrosse is here to test your limits and to cultivate your resiliency. 


Renegade Lacrosse brings out the tenacious.  Through competitive training, an unrelenting drive will emerge in every player; the drive to improve; the drive to persevere; the drive for greatness.  Renegade Lacrosse is here to help you hone this fire.


Renegade Lacrosse brings out the thirsty.  Training will cultivate your passion to be better and to seek challenge.  Renegade Lacrosse will teach you how to make mistakes and to learn from them; becoming an infinite learner and motivated player. 

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