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Playing Levels

Novice – New to lacrosse. Never played in a game.  May or may not have tossed the ball outside with a friend or parent, but no formal coaching.

Beginner – Played with a stick on numerous occasions including some formal coaching.  Little game experience.  Still learning rules and developing comfort with the stick.

Intermediate – Played in at least a season of lacrosse having participated in practices, games, clinics, etc.  Player has knowledge of basic skills and rules and can execute lacrosse skills with moderate success.

Advanced – Most likely played in multiple seasons of lacrosse, possibly club lacrosse teams.  Player possesses above average knowledge of skills, strategy, and rules and can execute lacrosse skills with above average success.

Elite – Player has completed multiple seasons of club lacrosse competing in regional and possibly national tournaments.  Player possesses high level of lacrosse IQ, mental toughness, and can perform a variety of advanced skills using both left and right hand under pressure situations. 

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