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So your daughter wants to learn lacrosse?
               We've got you covered.

Fall League registration closed!

Renegade Lacrosse provides year-round training opportunities for beginner, intermediate and early-advanced players in Southern California. Renegade Lacrosse League (fall, spring) includes weekly practices and games to develop fundamental skills and offensive and defensive strategy - a great introduction for players new to the game.  Additional stick skills, pick-up, and camp training opportunities are offered throughout the year.

We recognize that at one time every one of us was new to lacrosse.  We welcome beginner players and work to create an environment where players feel comfortable meeting new teammates, learning, and becoming Touch, Tenacious, and Thirsty!

Let us teach your daughter the game at Renegade Lacrosse!

Annual Programming
Fall Programs

Fall League - Join area lacrosse players to compete in Renegade Fall League!  The eight-week LAX League will review fundamental skills and train defensive and offensive schemes. We will become Tough, Tenacious, and Thirsty lacrosse players!  Fall League consists of one 90-minute weekday practice (three site options) and one weekend game.  Weekday practices are essential to prepare for weekend games!  Fall League will culminate in an end-of-season playoff!  Divisions:  Grades 3-5, Grades 5-7, Grades 7-9.  Beginners welcome!  

Try Before you Buy Clinic - Looking to learn a new sport?  Come to our "Try before you buy" clinic to test the waters and fall in love with lacrosse!  All gear provided.  Learn basic skills and walk away cradling, picking up ground balls and loving to compete in the fastest sport on two feet!

Stay tuned for upcoming dates!


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