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COVID Response

The following COVID rules and recommendations for Renegade Athletes until further notice:


We will be utilizing the US Lacrosse Return to Play Recommendations while we navigate our slow return to play.  Due to current health and safety guidelines, we are asking that our Renegade families please:


  1. Stay at home if you are feeling sick or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

  2. Remain socially distanced while arriving at the practice facilities.

  3. Athletes should arrive dressed and ready to play.

  4. Upon reaching the practice facility, Renegade athletes will have their temperature taken.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.3 degrees or more will be sent home. For your first session, registrants will need to sign a COVID Risk and Liability of Waiver.

  5. Renegade will operate in groups of no more than ten players per coach.

  6. To minimize congregating, we ask that parents drop off and pick up their athletes when possible.  If you are unable to do this, please observe your athlete from the marked spots or a distanced area surrounding the field. 

  7. Athletes should space their gear and personal belongings alongside the field appropriately spaced from other players.

  8. All Renegade Staff must wear masks during practice sessions.  Athletes will not need to wear masks during practice; however, they should have theirs on when they arrive and put theirs on once their session is completed.

  9. If spectators are not allowing for at least 6 ft. of social distancing, they should be wearing cloth face coverings as directed by the California Department of Public Health.

  10. Practices will be planned to maximize 6 ft of distance and to minimize “together time.”  Social distancing awareness should prevail during the entire session.

  11. Athletes should provide and use their own personal hand sanitizer before and after each session and during water breaks.

  12. Loaner gear will be sanitized before distribution and upon return.

  13. Exit the practice field immediately once your session is over while practicing social distancing.

In the event that a player known to have attended a Renegade event is diagnosed with COVID, we will proceed with the following action:


  1. Parents should notify as soon as a COVID test result is positive.

  2. Renegade Lacrosse will notify all parents of the player's training group with the date of a positive test.

  3. The individual's name will not be provided.

  4. The individual's training group will not be able to participate for two weeks

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