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3 Mistakes to Avoid learning to catch a LAX ball!

I always tell athletes to give lacrosse at least a year before deciding whether or not "it's for them."   While other sports like soccer, field hockey, and basketball are challenging in their own right, there is something uniquely tricky about the hand-eye coordination needed in lacrosse.  Think about it...someone is throwing a hard, rubber ball at your head (and that's a "good" pass!) for you to catch with this strange stick...all while moving around and avoiding the defense.  
Parents, if you don't believe me, try out that lacrosse stick this weekend and have your daughter give you a pointer or two 
This is the beauty of the game, and why I love it so much.  It's a challenge.  I remember the first time I picked up a lacrosse stick as a 12-year old transitioning from softball.  Lacrosse was completely unfamiliar to me.  Hard to believe since I'm from New Jersey, but it is the truth.  I vividly remember the grass field where I stood, across from my partner with my old wooden stick, trying to catch ball after ball after ball.  Some I caught, but most I caught were down by my feet using "unconventional" technique.  Every girl around me was in the same situation, brand new to the sport.
We started our middle school's first-ever lacrosse program with our coach taking a bunch of athletes and turning them into lacrosse players by season's end.
Working with new players is a thrill for me.  I love the light-bulb moments when things just click for a player, and she knows she can catch the ball.  But players need direction and guidance to reach these moments.  Over the years, I've observed a number of improper handling techniques that prevent players from reaching this "ah-ha" or delay their arrival.  

I want to share these three top mistakes to avoid when catching the ball and help your little laxer find confidence and success on the field!  For advanced players?  Yes, you too.  Double check that form with your opposite hand so you can catch with both hands fluidly running down the field.
Click below to avoid 3 common mistakes when catching.

Stay thirsty!

Coach Holly R

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